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Yaoeshi is the mineral that was fused to create the Kekkei Genkai; the Mineral Release and is only located within the mines of Kogyogakure. When fused with a person or used in combat it, triples a person's offences and defenses 50-50 and also increases a users chakra flow, effectively making a person's chakra base 50x higher than before. It also lets the user become whole or "reborn" again as something else of much more higher magnitudes in strength, power and speed. Exceeding the limitations as a human outright.

It was first discovered by Dietame, which would be later mined by Mikasa Clan, researched, tested and adapted by Dede Clan

Stages of transformation

The Yaoeshi mineral has three stages.

Stage 0 

Stage 0 involves the present user's current Chakra and their increase upon fusing. What interesting about this stage is that researches were able to remove their limbs and such no longer needing human physicalities. Instead they have chrysalis body in total. The same goes with everything else they previously had. Dying consist of their current form being destroyed once and for all if not that then they stay alive by absorbing the mineral beneath themselves.

Stage 01 

Stage 01 involved mutation and possibly rejection. This occurrence happen every 5/10 at a rate of 0.005%. Those that due have a series of physical changes. They not true human or Yaoeshi. More so stuck in a sense of "rejection." Depending upon those with a odd DNA strain depend on the results of 

Stage 02 

The last and final stage. This is what happens when both Stage 0 and Stage 01 occur. The individual suffers a set mutation, however they also lose their sanity. Turning into a hostile creature of Yaoeshi. It is not a deteriorated state, more so of a permanent non-mental capabilities. Closer to that of cannibalism. Some do keep the original human body the possessed while others are chrysalis. They are mostly found in the seal/collapsed Abandoned Yaoeshi Excavation Zone/Abandoned Equipment Center.