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Tomb Yaoeshi Clan
Leader(s) Deitame Sarakujo (AU) (Founding Member)
Other Members N/a
Kekkei Genkai Mineral Release

Tomb Yaoeshi is a specialiized clan lead by Deitame himself. It contains a total of 71 members currently. 


The Village's first clan, Tomb Yaoeshi Clan, was founded directly after the statue of The Great Yaoeshi Find was placed. Later one the clan expanded it's current 2 memeber to a present total of 55, courtesty of extreme excavational mining from Mikasa Clan and heavy experimentation from the minor Dede Clan. The combination of effeciency in mining operations, surgical and fusion of Chakra. They were able to convert, change, alter, or transform 56 Jōnin into their ranks. While the rest were only implanted with 23% of the Yaeoshi mineral. Others simply rejected the mineral and were immediately sent to the Abandoned Yaoeshi Excavation Zone. Their total numbers are 71. Twelve S Rank, Fifty-six regular Jōnin, one Kage and one high trained Jōnin.

Occupation & Affiliation with Kogyogakure

Tomb Yaoeshi's basic job was high form security. They in a sense are the entire spine of Kogyogakure. Keeping the peace, acting as a safe guard, acquiring knowledge of the enemy and creating a safe zone for all inside Kogyogakure at a minimum of 100%. Although this clan isn't entire efficient combat wise, they do however have an extreme expertise in mass ambushes and heavy reconnaissance. Usually only attacking on sight if the attempted ninja have entered Kogyogakure territory(before observing them from a distance of intentions). Information is passed up from the lowest known member to it's highest.

Leaders(Those marked with a * are Founders; Those marked with a ✓ are Subsidiary Leaders within the ranks)

  1. Deitame(Founder of the Clan)*
  2. Kombei(Co-Founder)*

Subsidiary Leaders

  • General Taggarte✓ - tba
  • General T-Su Yong✓ - tba
  • Lycansas - Ministry of War✓ - In-charge of all basic operations, fleet movements and mapping expertise done in/out of the village. Also in-charge of short range missions and reconnaissance.
  • Jeeyubia✓ - Adviser for the Ministry of War and Lycanasas's second-in-command


  • 56 Low ranking Chunin & intermediately skilled Jōnin
  • 12 S Rank
  • 3 Experienced Jōnin + 1 Kage

Current Interests and Goals 


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