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My Mineral Release Jutsu picture
Summoning - Mineral Release: Subterranean Chrysalis Tentacle Hellhole
Technique Type

Summoning Jutsu

Monster Jutsu

Kekkei Genkai

Hand Seal(s)

Boar → Ox → Snake → Boar → Ox → Snake → Dragon → Dragon


Deitame Sarakujo (AU)

Creates a summoning of an animated tentacles made out of pure Yaoeshi which respond towards any attackers Chakra flow. They are about as long as five cars all lined up in-front of each other. All of them are remotely controlled by Deitame. Means for these tentacles are surprise attacks from the ground, ending in impalement to the body. Like a being jettisoned into spear with the force of a whip. He normally summons about 4, two in-front, two in behind.