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Sako Uzumaki or simply Sako is a chunin formerly reigning from the hidden lore village but is currently reigning from the Hidden Leaf. 
Sako Uzumaki
Sako Uzumaki
Name Sako Uzumaki
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Sako is usually depicted as having somewhat-spiky black hair and pale white skin. Sako usually wears a blue t-shirt along with normal blue pants and sandals over the casual fishnet armor underneath. Sako has been depicted as having the kanji for love carved onto his forehead and blue rings around his rather menacing eyes. He usually wears a brown sash from his left shoulder to right under his right arm which holds his konoha forehead protector and his giant sand gourd which holds iron sand. Sako also has another white sash in the same exact opposite position of the other which has no real use to it but for a little extra protection.


Sako is cold, calculating, and vicious. Sako seems to have no care for the world around him as all he wants is to achieve his goal of becoming the only one loved on the planet. Sako dreams this as he watched his entire village and his parents be killed right infront of him, and because of this felt lonely all his life as there was none who gave him attention. Deep down, Sako is a kind individual who just wants the feeling of being loved, just for one more time.