Be aware that you will encounter heavy spoilers ahead!
Welcome to the Naruto Akkipuden Wiki!

Welcome to Naruto Akkipuden Wiki! This is a Naruto Role-Play Wiki that allows you to create and make your own original characters! The timeline starts at sixteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. Boruto: Naruto the Movie, took place one year prior to the events of this new continuity. This story will focus on two teams, Team 13 (Team Kiyoko; comprised of Kiyoko HisakawaKaito Ikemoto, Shoudo Kanashiki, and Jane Okamibara) and Team 14 (Team Aozora; comprised of Aozora, YujiroD, and Homura Nagare) who begin their journey in the Land of Silence to embark on an Shinobi Expedition. The Expedition is intended to enable all of the participants to grow not only in terms of ability but in terms of character, to become the next generation of full-fledged Shinobi to maintain the continental peace that has been created among the Five Great Shinobi Countries and all of their neighboring countries. The teams that are apart of it will traverse new countries on airships modelled after the Tobishachimaru: an airship created by Tazuna the Master Bridge Builder who created the Great Naruto Bridge. They're expected to be gone for no more than a year, and to return as matured individuals. However, as soon as they embark on their journey they soon discover that Samurai within the countries start disappearing. What could this mean?