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My Mineral Release Jutsu picture
Mineral Release: Diamond Dust
Technique Type

Earth Release

Explosion Release

Kekkei Genkai

Hand Seal(s)

Stage 1: Snake → Boar → Ox → Snake → Tiger

Stage 2: The hand signs in Stage 1 must be done first then it's followed by the words: "katsu" ('喝') and another performance of the seal of confrontation.



First, Deitame raises one human sized Yaoeshi from the ground then proceeds by saying "katsu" ('') and once again another seal of confrontation as it breaks down into gazillions of tiny particles that form into the size of a altostratus cloud of quote on quote "diamond dust." If inhaled the surround opponents will choke and die. But this cloud can also be used as a smoke screen. This takes up to 15% or 25% of his chakra.