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My Mineral Release Jutsu picture
Mineral Release

ミネラル レレエース


Mineraru Rereeisu


Mineral Release

Technique Type


Earth Release Earth Release

Explosive Release Explosive Release

Kekkei Genkai

Hand Seal(s)

Snake → Boar → Snake



My Mineral Release Jutsu picture Mineral Release(ミネラル レレエース, lit. Mineral Release) is an adaptation of the chakra natures fire and wind. Together they formulated a new material turned out to be a flexible yet powerful mineral called "Yaoeshi" from the mining shafts of the Village Hidden in the Mines.  Discovered by a boy named Deitamesasahikakupenanobetsu or "Deitame" for short. From here on in this is where the Mineral Release was derived from. It is also a enhanced version of the Crystal Release

Techniques created under the Mineral Release

Mineral Release: Chrysalis Creation

Mineral Release: Chrysalis Sword

Mineral Release: Chrysalis Barrage

Mineral Release: Diamond Dust

Summons that utilize Yoaeshi and Blood

There are other Jutsu's that require him to use blood summoning techniques, however Deitame doesn't have the power to do so nor the require Chakra to keep it at bay or even at a minimum under control. 

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