Name Gregory
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday June 14th
Age 45
Height 6'7"
Weight 245lbs
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai Omnipansexuality
Classification Fish Salesman
Professional Status
Village Leaf Village
Personal Status
Relatives None
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Gregory is a 45 year old pansexual fish salesman that lives in the Hidden Leaf Village. He is Ultimate Domon's Main RP Character.


Gregory usually wears a blue shirt and green pants with both white gloves and boots, along with an apron with a fish on it, which is also the logo for his fish shop.


Gregory is very passionate about fish, and is always trying to sell them to people, often following them around and pestering them to buy some fish despite any complaints from the person. When he's not focused on fish, Gregory is an impatient man, and is quick to yell at others for seemingly no reason.


As a child, Gregory was bullied constantly at school. He was beaten up and raped by bullies every single day on the playground, with all of the other students simply watching and laughing at his pain. One day, however, he decided that he had had enough, and brought a large fish to school with him. When the bullies tried to assault him, he beat them to near death with the fish, and when the teachers tried to stop his assault, he ran away and jumped into a lake, hiding among the fish, the only ones that didn't hate him.

After everyone stopped caring about the incident and ceased their search, Gregory decided to live by the lake, surviving on his own. He did this for 33 years until he finally returned to the village as a fish salesman. While Gregory did love fish and only fish, due to being constantly hurt as a child, the only way he knew how to express his feelings was through pain. Because of this, Gregory caught the fish by jumping into the lake and raping them to death before taking them back to his hut in the village to sell to customers. His methods of catching fish has caused him to legally change his full name to Gregory the Fish Rapist.

When not selling fish, Gregory is constantly having sex with seemingly anything he can get his hands on. Because of this, Gregory is able to have sex with anything, which has indeed helped him get out of many tight situations.