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 Echo is an S-rank criminal apart of the criminal oraganisation Death Watch. 
Echo Cipher
Aye look
Name Echo Cipher
Aliases Killer of the Mist
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 1st
Age 21
Height 6'11"
Weight 187 lbs.
Blood Type A
Clan Cipher/Hozuki
Chakra Nature 20px Water Release

20px Lightning Releasei

Kekkei Genkai Nijigan Yamigan

Onyx Onyx Release

Classification Ninja
Professional Status
Village Kirigakure
Current Rank Jonin


Team Black Widow (Partner)
Academy Grad Age 9
Genin Grad Age 10
Chunin Grad Age 14
Ryo 16,093,947
EXP Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Suigetsu Hozuki (Father)

Unknown Mother

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Echo is a tall and noticeably muscular man with pale skin, short spiky blue hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows. He was normally seen wearing bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. Under his mask, he has a relatively narrow jawline and jagged-teeth, a trait he shared with his fellow Swordsmen. He wears his forehead protector sideways on his head. After his defection, and during his first appearance, he was seen shirtless, with his chest only covered by a belt to which he attached his Kubikiribōchō, wearing baggy pants with the striped pattern typical of Kirigakure and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows, with matching leg-warmers.

His somewhat main outfit, he wears a sleeveless black shirt and matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, and yet again, Kirigakure's striped wrist and leg-warmers. Other swordsmen of his generation wore attire identical to this, implying that they might be clothes related to the group. While donning this attire, much like his fellow Swordsmen, he had bandages loosely tied around his neck like a scarf.


Echo is known to be a very deceivable man. As in his days as a Kirigakure shinobi, he lured the Mizukage into a trap in which was supposed to kill her despite her trusting him with her life. This act earned Echo the moniker Killer of the Mist. Though he is deceptive, he would never try to betray any of his fellow Death Watch members, especially not his leader. Most Death Watch members indeed fear him, and have noted several times that he's the second strongest of the group.