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Aiko Araki
Aiko render
Aliases Child Lover
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday January 3
Height 5'11"
Weight 158lbs
Blood Type B
Clan Araki
Chakra Nature Lightning Release Lightning Release

Fire Release Fire Release

Kekkei Genkai Akugan icon v2 Akugan
Professional Status
Village Amegakure
Personal Status
Relatives Raijin Araki (Brother)
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Aiko Araki is a female shinobi originating from the Araki clan, which reigns from Amegakure. She was formerly often seen around the borders of many villages by numerous travelers, and what would be left of her trace is only the cannibalized corpse of a teenage boy, due to this she was named the "Child Lover" by many. She died in a battle by the hands of Shirazu Hozuki, the person whom Aiko was in attempt to cannibalize.


Aiko appears to be a slender girl with long purple hair, purple eyes, and an hourglass figure. She wears normal attire fit for a young woman, since a shirt with "Child Lover" printed on it would be quite obvious of what she is, though her attire does reveal some cleavage, most likely on purpose to attract her usual male prey.


Aiko was witnessed to be a cannibalistic, crazy woman with pedophilia. She seemed to not care about her brother, Raijin Araki, as she bit a portion of his shoulder off. 


Aiko murdered and cannibalized both his father and mother. It was originally told by her brother, Raijin that their mother simply never returned after one night and they evacuated Amegakure to "run away" from a person possibly targetting them, and as told by Raijin they were ambushed by rogue shinobi, and the only way they could escape was through the sacrifice of his life, though it was Aiko who killed their father as Raijin ran off to Konohagakure in absolute fear. She stayed and traveled around numerous villages' borders, cannibalizing many people. She developed pedophilia and started prioritizing teenagers to cannibalize.


  • Aiko Araki vs. Shirazu Hozuki, Raijin Araki, Shia Yamondo, Kuro Setsudan
    • Outcome: Death of Aiko Araki



She proved to be a woman who possessed considerate physical power, as she could simply punch through Shia Yamondo's rock walls. Her jaw alone is a lethal weapon, as her mouth can chomp down upon human flesh and rip it off.


Like her brother, she had Lightning and Fire Release. She was shown capable of creating gigantic blasts of fire from her chara alone, creating beams of lightning to fight her opponents, etc.


Aiko, during her death battle, bit off a portion of Raijin Araki's shoulder to make her Akugan more powerful, and later ever her own hand. She did not showcase any other effects of the Akugan.


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